Better, Faster, Cheaper, A New Way For PPC Agencies To Provide All Three

Author: Gary Reid
21st April 2021
PPC / Search / We are Polymer

Better, faster, cheaper is We are Polymer’s report on how to get more from your agency. Download a free copy of our report into how PPC agencies have inflated fees due to unoptimised processes.

The report will take you through all the areas where time and effort is being wasted, time you are paying for.

How low impact tasks are eating away at your budget and that as much as 45% of the direct staff cost you are paying for isn’t directed in the right way.

That’s just 22 hours out of every 40 going on high impact tasks.

But, there is a better way, this is our manifesto on creating a better agency.

You could save up to 30% on your current agency fees for PPC

This is a people heavy industry with little if any real strategic automation. The outcome of this is an industry with many single points of failure and an inability to meet both the demands of procurement to drive value and marketing to drive sales.

Find out how we have fixed that.

Get your free copy today

If you are a brand that invests over £50k per month in PPC then drop me an email from your official company email address and I will send you a free copy of the report, you can contact me at

Better, Faster, Cheaper by We are Polymer
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