Launchpad: Generating online demand for start-ups

Author: Gary Reid
7th February 2021
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Launchpad is We are Polymer’s specialist product for aspirational start-ups that need strong skills and a high level of experience to both generate demand and acquire sales.

Retail to travel, finance to luxury we have over 1 billion pounds of experience in online sales activation using Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok. We currently help out many start-ups launch and build their sales using paid media online. From app launches to retail breakouts we can help with a specialist team focussed on what’s appropriate for your start-up.

Your Launchpad team focuses on 6 main areas

Effectively generate demand.

At launch, your business has little in the way of brand awareness. PR can and should be part of your armoury but paid media channels online offer a cost-effective way to gain reach at this crucial time.

Efficiently harvest demand.

Once you start generating demand you need to harvest it as quickly and efficiently as possible before your competitors sweep up your hard-won awareness.

A big focus on test & learn.

With no direct data to use it is essential that your plan is underpinned by test and learn strategies to discover what works for you.

Constantly evolving strategies, plans and forecasts.

Many agencies are unable to provide start-ups with the time and effort needed and usually underestimate the effort needed to work with constantly evolving plans, we do understand this.

An undoubted focus on channel fundamentals.

No matter how different your product the basics of online sales activation apply and so you need a partner with experience, process, and technology who can ensure you maximise revenue and efficiency.


Being able to swiftly change plans is key in the early stages of product launch and adoption and we make sure our teams are primed and ready to deliver quickly.

Uncovering potential

High workload, lots of strategies, and testing. Lots of forecasts, high frequency of changes. This is the reality of start-up life and we get it. Uncovering your potential and creating a foundation for future growth is the key.  It needs a team of ideas people, quick thinkers, and experience, and that’s what we have at We are Polymer. 

For those just getting started, Launchpad is the ideal service product to power up your online sales activation and start to drive revenue.

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