Marketplace: Supercharging shopping feed results

Author: Gary Reid
21st April 2021
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Marketplace is We are Polymer’s end to end shopping feed service including our Google partnered comparison shopping service,, that enables you access to CPC discounts across European countries on Google’s shopping service.

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Feeds have become a vital part of selling online, everyone from Google to Instagram can take your feed and create shoppable ads on their platforms. To take advantage of this we see 5 key elements your agency should have full control of, they are; import your raw feed from any platform; restructure the feed to take full advantage of every platform; optimise the feed to ensure you take full advantage of each platform’s ranking algorithm; be able to then output the feed in various formats to match the chosen platforms; to use their own Google approved Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) to take advantage of Google CPC discounts across major European markets. Here’s how we deal with them.

Import from anywhere

Whether your feed is custom-built, from Shopify, SAP or any major e-commerce platform we can import it into our system. The feed doesn’t need to be formatted in any particular way as long as it has some basic product data. Once the feed source is defined, we automatically import the feed each day.

Raw feed restructure

We can then restructure the feed to ensure it matches each of the platforms you want to use the feed on. This can mean having multiple different formats each unique to the platform. Once the feed is imported each day the set of rules, we have written for your feed are applied to structure it perfectly for each platform automatically.

Position optimisation

Having the right structure is key to ensure the feed gets listed, but to make sure your adverts show at the top the feed needs to be optimised. Keywords need to be researched and added, colours may need to be uniform to match what users search for. This process requires an experienced eCommerce team to apply search intent logic to the feed and automate these rules to be applied each day.

Output to major platforms

The output from this process can look very different from the input and now the feeds are ready to be consumed by the various platforms. We will ensure each platform automatically gets the correctly structured and optimised feed each day.

Comparison Shopping Service

Our comparison-shopping service is called it is Google approved and a partner in their CSS scheme to allow you to benefit from up to 20% discount on CPC’s. Why does Google give discounts for using a third-party CSS? In 2017 the EU fined Google for anti-competitive services that benefitted its shopping service. You maybe didn’t know but the shopping tab on Google search results is Google’s comparison-shopping service and the shopping carousel on the home page was usually full of adverts from it. Various other CSSs complained and won their case. Google then had to get more third-party CSS to show in this carousel, so they enlisted trusted agencies to develop their CSS, we did just that. was built to be a brand-safe environment for any product to be present on, even luxury products.

That’s Marketplace a capable shopping feed service that can be deployed in any language when combined with our linguistics service Horizon, which we will look at next.

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Marketplace is We are Polymer’s end to end shopping feed service including our Google partnered comparison shopping service,, that enables you access to CPC discounts across European countries on Google’s shopping service. Find out more about Marketplace here.


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