Signal, technology
built to deliver growth.

We are Polymer’s proprietary technology stack, Signal, delivers automated reports,
gives you an early warning system to give you peace of mind that nothing is forgotten
and the ability to quickly query big datasets to discover insights.

Signal is We are Polymer’s proprietary technology
platform, built to be simple, powerful and flexible,
to meet 3 basic principles.


Data is everywhere and no single 3rd party platform collects into one place, ours does. This means we can manage across different engines and platforms easily.


You can no longer rely on manual monitoring when you have millions of data points across multiple channels. These mundane tasks start to get fogotten and so your account doesn’t perform as well as it could.


To analyse millions of data points requires more than a spreadsheet, you need analysts who can write SQL to interrogate large, constantly updated datasets. With that you can get quick answers to complex questions, no more waiting for weeks for reports and insight.

Signal is a robust, scalable system, that allows our
teams to build apps instantly, to deliver your KPI’s.

Signal automates the predictable whilst giving our
teams instant access to insights, to give you a
real competitve advantage.

  • A unique system tailored to your brand
  • Automated early warning system
  • Cross channel visibility & governance
  • Easy access to complex data
  • A focus on the drivers of growth

Discover how you can benefit from a tailored technology solution baked into everything your agency does.

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    Founded by industry veteran Gary Reid, We are Polymer
    gives you access to the experience needed
    to guide you through to more revenue.


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    GARETH DAVIES Head of Demand, Vodafone

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