We are Polymer Launches ModaCompris a Comparison Shopping Service

Author: Gary Reid
13th May 2020
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We are Polymer launches ModaCompris a comparison shopping service designed specifically for luxury and fashion brands

ModaCompris provides a credible alternative to luxury and fashion brands struggling with the often negative brand impact of comparison shopping services (CSS), but who still want to benefit from the financial incentives offered by Google for using a third-party CSS. ModaCompris, launched by London based performance digital agency We are Polymer is a comparison service specifically designed for fashion and luxury retailers. 

It’s almost two years since Google introduced the scheme to offer discounted CPC’s to advertisers who use a third-party comparison shopping service, this was in response to a European Union Commission ruling that said Google was favouring its own comparison shopping service. By simply using a third-party service to activate product listing adverts (PLA’s), retailers can benefit from up to 20% saving on their bids.

However, for many this wasn’t offering the customer experience they required, Gary Reid CEO and founder of We are Polymer said: “For luxury and fashion brands image is obviously important and they’ve found that many of the comparison services available have more of a discount feel to them, it goes without saying this doesn’t work.”

ModaCompris, a name made from a combination of the Italian for fashion (Moda) and the French for understood or included (Compris), sets out to solve this problem by providing the benefits of CPC reduction without compromising a retailers brand. The site uses a monotone design that follows many of the principles luxury brands use themselves. Sticking to black and white the site pays homage to the industry and as Karl Lagerfeld once said, “black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means.”  

ModaCompris already has over 1,000 retailers from 15 countries and is set for high growth as more brands accelerate their move towards e-commerce. 

ModaCompris Comparison Shopping Site CSS

Reid added, “over the last ten years I’ve worked closely with many luxury and fashion brands and finding the right balance to activate a successful direct marketing campaign, whilst maintaining brand image is a real skill.” One it seems We are Polymer’s team, with over £1 billion pound of PPC experience, has in abundance.

The firm provides an end to end service for retailers looking to take advantage of shopping product adverts on Google, from optimising the feed to seamless delivery online. Coupled with their proprietary technology platform, Signal, ModaCompris gives retailers a real edge in online performance marketing.

This combination enables brands to activate Google shopping adverts at discounted CPC’s across all countries Google Shopping is activated; Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

For luxury and fashion retailers there’s no need to compromise any more. The ModaCompris comparison shopping service offers retailers a brand-safe environment to take advantage of potentially discounted CPC’s (cost per click) from Google.

To find out more visit https://wearepolymer.com and check out the CSS at https://modacompris.com

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