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Author: Gary Reid
21st April 2021
We are Polymer

Retail to travel, finance to luxury We are Polymer has over 1 billion pounds of experience in online sales activation using Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok. We currently help out many brands build their sales using paid media online. From product launches to retail breakouts we can help with a specialist team focussed on what’s appropriate for your brand.


We have developed these service packages to enable us to deliver on our promise of better, faster, cheaper to all of our clients.


Advantage is our service offering for mature brands looking to activate sales online in highly competitive markets you would be part of Advantage our specialist PPC and paid social division. Where driving efficient sales across Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are paramount to harvesting demand. Find out more about Advantage here.


Marketplace is We are Polymer’s end to end shopping feed service including our Google partnered comparison shopping service, ModaCompris.com, that enables you access to CPC discounts across European countries on Google’s shopping service. Find out more about Marketplace here.


Horizon is the specialist language division of We Are Polymer. Horizon aims to simplify international online marketing, making it easy to identify demand, build a plan, launch a trial and roll out a full-scale campaign to activate sales in international markets. Find out more about Horizon here.


Written is We are Polymer’s content and copywriting service. We provide copywriting services to brands to build out on-site content hubs and provide material to external sites. The written word is still a huge part of the online value exchange and those brands that excel in writing content that performs can gain a competitive advantage. Find out more about Written here.


Fortify is our specific service to support those brands who are looking to in-house paid search. Taking paid search in-house can be a difficult task and through working with clients who have taken search in-house we have been able to put together a set of services to help make the process work smoothly. Find out more about Fortify here.


Our report on getter better, faster, cheaper agency services is a manifesto for a better agency, built on principles that drive growth for clients in real terms. Download your free copy of the report here.

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